>> You may rebrand the Great Value IM Products PDF with your affiliate links <<

Theres over 100 instant Paypal commission products,

but you only need 3 affiliate IDs to rebrand the PDF..

Download the Rebrander files

Register as an affiliate with the sites below to get your affiliate details :

Payspree - insert your payspree aff username in place of username (ie. Ebiz)

Generator Software - insert your generator software aff number in place of GeneratorSoftwareAffnumber (ie. 426795)

Get Profits Fast - insert your getprofitsfast aff number in place of AFFnumber (ie. 2025)

Next ..

Click on the Great Value IM Products_Rebrander (PDF B!)

Click Open & select the RB-Great Value IM Products PDF

Insert your 3 affiliate IDs & rebrand

You may now giveaway your rebranded Great Value IM Products PDF to others, your subscribers, add to your download pages, upload to your server & link to on your websites / blogs and earn instant Paypal commissions on over 100 products.

But .. DO NOT give away the rebrander unless you wish your customers to be able to change your links to theirs.


Derek Pryde

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